We are looking for Senior Software Engineers with experience designing & implementing RTP-based stacks that enable highly-interactive, ultra-low latency streaming over the public Internet. You understand the nature of Internet paths, and their dynamic impact on interactive media streams. You will help refine and improve our heuristics for rate & latency estimation, congestion control and loss recovery for RTP-based media streams; collaborate with colleagues to implement deployable ideas in our server-side transport stack. The main focus will be on diagnosing areas where the underlying WebRTC platform may not be optimized for our product. Your role will involve identifying these optimization gaps and proposing effective solutions and fixes to enhance the video calling experience. To achieve this, you will collaborate with multiple teams to implement and integrate the recommended fixes, ensuring a seamless improvement in the overall video calling experience. This will involve working closely with colleagues from different teams to align efforts and deliver the desired enhancements.


* Demonstrated experience in designing, implementing, and deploying transport stacks similar to WebRTC for applications that require interactive and ultra-low-latency streaming.

* Familiarity with the interplay between low-latency, two-way media flows over IP networks and factors such as bufferbloat, active/smart queue management, and concurrent TCP-like traffic.

* Practical knowledge of contemporary strategies that effectively balance network congestion, latency, and reliability to support interactive and ultra-low-latency streaming.

* Proficient in utilizing network lab environments to conduct controlled experiments involving extensive testing scenarios with multiple parameters. Additionally, experience in employing A/B testing methodologies to assess the performance of transport stacks in real-world production environments.

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